Facebook makes push to promote personalized ads to users, businesses

Feb. 25 (UPI) — Facebook launched a new push Thursday to explain how its decision to use personalized ads is beneficial for millions of users.

The campaign, called “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found,” is intended to help people understand how personalized ads “help them discover new things they love, and support businesses in their community.”


Facebook said personalized ads, for example, help users find small businesses they may not otherwise see — and offer an affordable way for small businesses to better compete in the marketplace.

“Every business starts with an idea, and being able to share that idea through personalized ads is a game changer for small businesses,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook says its strategy is especially important because 47% of small businesses are struggling to survive for the next six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook’s campaign comes just weeks after Apple announced that it will make changes to its iPhone operating system in the spring that will require apps to get users’ permission before tracking data used for marketing purposes.

Facebook warned recently that Apple’s change would impact its ability to target ads.

Facebook has also said it will also simplify its Ads Manager to make it easier for small businesses to use personalized marketing plans.

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