Satirical ‘Trump Addicts of America’ ad debuts on ‘SNL’

Oct. 25 (UPI) — Saturday Night Live debuted a satirical Election Day commercial in which American voters ponder what life could be like when President Donald Trump leaves the White House.

Appearing in the 2 1/2-minute “Trump Addicts of America” ad were SNL cast members Kenan Thompson, Alex Moffat, Pete Davidson, Melissa Viallaseñor, Andrew Dismukes, Beck Bennett, Pete Davidson, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, Bowen Yang and Punkie Johnson.

The comedians took turns speaking about how worried they are that they will have nothing to talk about if former Vice President Joe Biden beats Trump on Nov. 3.

“What will our conversations even be?” Thompson wondered.

“Because the only thing I’ve talked about for four years is Donald Trump,” added Davidson.

“Every, single day for the past four years, I tell someone, ‘Can you believe what Trump said?'” chimed in Yang.

“My entire personality is hating Donald Trump,” deadpanned Viallaseñor, “If he’s done, what am I supposed to do? Focus on my kids again? No thanks.”

The stars also said they think Biden is better for the country.

“But I’ll really be worried about my favorite villain disappearing,” Bennett said of Trump.

“Like, if they replaced the Joker with Batman’s butler, Alfred. Sure, Gotham would be more stable, but I’d rather watch the Joker blow up a hospital,” Davidson said.

Adele was the episode’s guest host and H.E.R. provided the musical entertainment.

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